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BAF-101: Fundamentals of Financial Accounting - Study Text- by ICMAP

BAF-101: Fundamentals of Financial Accounting - Study Text by ICMAP
BAF-101: Fundamentals of Financial Accounting - Study Text by ICMAP

Now you can download or read-online an excellent book  namely, "BAF-101: Fundamentals of Financial Accounting - Study Text" written by,"ICMAP" . 

The book covers: 

Chapter No.01: Intorduction to Financial Accounting
Chapter No.02: Accounting Conventions and Regulatory Framework
Chapter No.03: The Accounting Equation
Chapter No.04: Double Entry Book Keeping
Chapter No.05: Books of Prime Entry and Control Accounts
Chapter No.06: Accounting for Sales Tax
Chapter No.07: Accruals and Prepayments
Chapter No.08: Bad Debts and Allownaces for Receivables
Chapter No.09: Inventory
Chapter No.10: Control Account Reconciliations
Chapter No.11: Bank Reconciliations
Chapter No.12: Non-Current Assets
Chapter No.13: Payroll Accounting
Chapter No.14: Payables, Provisions and Contingencies
Chapter No.15: Journal Entries and Suspense Accounts
Chapter No.16: From Trial Balance to Financial Statements
Chapter No.17: Incomplete Records
Chapter No.18: Company Accounts
Chapter No.19: Manufacturing Accounts
Chapter No.20: Income and Expenditure Account
Chapter No.21: Statement of Cash Flows
Chapter No.22: Financial Ratios

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BAF-101: Fundamentals of Financial Accounting - Study Text- by ICMAP



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