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The Institute of Cost and Management Accountants of Pakistan (ICMAP) is a great Institution with magnificent effort to promote Accounting Education in Pakistan, which was established in 1951.Syllabus is the key of success, if updated according to market conditions and challenges of the global competitive market situations. ICMAP changes its syllabus according to market conditions. 


Financial Accounting
    Course Code  : BAF - 301                                

    Subject Name : Financial Accounting 
    For Syllabus : Click Here

    For Book     : Click Here                                                  

Enterprise Management
    Course Code  : BML - 302      
    Subject Name : Enterprise Management
    For Syllabus : Click Here

    For Book     : Click Here       

Information Systems & IT Audit
         Course Code  : BML - 303                                
    Subject Name : Information Systems & IT Audit
    For Syllabus : Click Here

    For Book     : Click Here   

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