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What are the Limitations or Disadvantages of business?

What are the Limitations or Disadvantages of business?

Q. Discuss the Disadvantages / Limitations of Business.
Answer: Followings are the limitations of business.
1. DIFFERENE IN INCOME:     آمدنی میں فرق
Business is responsible for income disparity)فرق (. The establishment of big companies lead to the concentration (مرتکز)  of wealth in few hands. There is big difference between income of rich and poor people.
2. MONOPOLY IN PRICES:     قیمتوں میں اجارہ داری
Due to monopoly prices are high because there is no competition. The profit of businessmen combine their business to create monopoly. The profits of businessmen increase whereas quality of products decreases. The consumers are at loss due to high prices.
 3. LABOUR EXPLOITATION:  مزدوروں کا استحصال
The business class has upper hand. The labourers cannot store their labour. The businessmen exploit labourers. The workers accept low wages due to poor bargaining position.
4. HOURDING:             ذخیرہ اندوزی
            The drawback of business is hoarding. The businessmen can hold stock of goods for some time. The consumers bound to buy necessities of life. The prices of products increase and general public suffers loss due to artificial high prices.
5. SMUGGLING:          اسمگلنگ
            The dark side of business is smuggling. There is unlawful import and export of goods. The excise and custom duty is not paid to government. The welfare projects remain incomplete. The home industry also suffer due to smuggled goods.
6. FRAUDS:      دھوکہ دہی
            Business is not free from risk of frauds. The businessmen may be looted by big businessmen. The fraudulent persons can cheat the people in one way or the other. A bag of sugar may have sand instead of sugar.

7. TAX EVASION:        ٹیکس چوری
            The demerit of business is that actual income may not be disclosed to tax authorities. There is tax evasion due to business people. The maintenance of double accounts books means evasion of taxes.
8. UNBALANCED GROWTH:   غیر متوازی بڑھوتری
            Business is responsible for unbalanced growth.  The business centers are established in cities. The villages are neglected altogether. The economic growth becomes unbalanced because facilities are available in cities and nothing in villages.
9. ADULTERATION:     ملاوٹ
            The drawback of business is adulteration. There is need of pure food and medicine for good health. But some businessmen try to become rich overnight through unfair means like adulteration.
10. AIR POLLUTION:   ہوا کی آلودگی
            The dark side of business is air pollution. Factories and mills pollute the air with dust, smoke and gas. The health of people is affected due to bad air.
11. WASTE POLLUTION:        کچرے کی آلودگی
            The drawback of business is waste pollution. The wastage of factories and mills is disposed off in nearby areas. The diseases affect the performance of workers living in that area.
12. ACCIDENTS:          حادثات
            The drawback of business is accidents. In factories and mills the workers can face accidents. There is risk of injury and life. It is a loss of income to families of workers due to death or disability.
13. BUSINESS FAILURE:          کاروبار کی ناکامی
            The drawback of business is its failure. The failure of big business may lead to failure of many small business concerns. The suppliers and creditors are hit hard due to business failure.

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