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Why Market is Important ?

Why Market is Important ?

Why Market?
Everywhere I go, professionals ask, “Why should we market now? We have more business coming in the door than we can handle. Our phone is ringing off the hook.”         Would you want to motivate your partners and staff to help grow your firm if you are already busy?

What Smart Partners Say?
Here’s what the top partners of many of America’s leading CPA and legal firms tell me.
• “Now is the best time to train the future owners of our firms to grow the practice. We have the cash flow to invest in marketing and training.”
• “During good times, we must become very selective as to the new clients we take.  We must restrain ourselves to accept only the cream of the callers.”
• “During good times, we can afford to outsource some of our low end clients and add clients who are more profitable and fun to work with.”
• “During good times and staff shortages, some of our competitors are not giving the best in client service. Some of these clients can be persuaded to come try us out.”

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