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Installation and Setup - Lecture 2 | C++ Language for Beginners

Learn C++ Language
Lecture # 02Installation and Setup
Learn C++ Language
Please wait a little bit to Load
So as you can see I have a web browser open and if you go to Google and type in the search bar just code blocks as so the first link you will see is Debbie W.W. diet code blocks start work and this is where you're going to want to go.
And you can either click on this first code box link or then click on downloads or you can do a camera and do you just click on the downloads link below. When the page loads you know depending on my how my internet is doing right now.
But when the page does load you're going to be brought here and you will have several links like download the banner your lease download the source code and retrieve source code from ESPN.
You are going to want to click on download the binary release and it will bring you to this page. Now depending on what operating system you're on you're going to click on something different than maybe clicking on you know if you're on Linux 32 bit or Linux 64 bit. You're going to be looking at these boxes right here from Mac OSX are going west all the way of the bottom and they have a download link right here.
Maybe though I'm on Windows 7 so I will come up here.
And if you look it doesn't say Windows 8 right here but up here it says Windows 7 Dash 8.
So these these binary build should work on Windows 8 8.1 In fact I've actually downloaded it on Windows 8 and 8.1.
So I know for a fact it will work.
If you look over here there are two different links there's barely OS and source for each dot net. I'm not that familiar with barely OS but I am familiar with source for it and I use it for a lot of my downloads. So I would recommend using source for each dot net.
Now there are three different types of binary releases that you can download.
Now when I first started programming my instructor had us download this binary release right here. The second one on the list which is perfectly fine works great. But as I got in a more advanced C++ programming where I started doing concurrent threads and you know different kind of concurrent thread processing multithreaded processing I needed this GCC 4.8 point one for my code box to work with threads.
It's a specific compiler.
So I would recommend if you plan on going more in depth with C++ and maybe taken a course after this to go ahead and download this one because if you start getting into threads and C++ you will have to come back and download this compiler right here for code blocks work.  Otherwise you know this right here is a great option as well. So either one is fine for this course.
You're going to want to go ahead and click on Source Forge darknet continue on either one of the links and click on the second one. It will take you to Source Forge dot net and the countdown will begin for your download. And after the countdown the X-Fi file should be downloaded will give it a second and write down here you can see code blocks thirteen point one point to see and it says are still you know not 10 minutes left before it's done downloading online so it might take awhile for it to download.

I'm not going to sit through this tutorial and wait for it finished downloading simply because I already had it downloaded on my computer. But I will tell you when it does finish downloading. You're going to want to launch the X-C file and install wizard will pop up and it's very simple install wizard.
Basically you just click next on every single pop up window and it should install very easily with no problems. After it's done installing you're going to want to search for the program either by using your search like this or it might even put it in your task for like I have it right here and it might even have a desktop shortcut.
Whatever the case you're going to want at launch roadblocks.
You know give it a little bit of time especially on the first time launching it when the first time you launch it it might take a little bit longer than you expect. Also though it seems like it's taken a while for it to download on my computer my internet connection is quite slow right now I just moved and I have slow download speed as of right now because I haven't yet upgraded my internet so that it's on your at your you know at your house it might. They'll probably go a lot faster than mine. I think I have like 8 megabit download speed right now.
This is what's going to pop up when co-blogger launches. And then the next tutorial we are going to create a new project and we will discuss the hello world project that will be created and discuss the anatomy of the our very first C++ program.
So stay tuned and I'll see you in the next two Lecture.

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