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Lecture # 01 - Introduction | C++ Language for Beginners

Learn C++ Language
Lecture # 01 - Introduction
Learn C++ Language
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Before we get started with this syllabus and go ahead and tell you a little bit about myself and some of my credentials I am currently a student at Tarleton University where I am on my way to earn a bachelor's degree in computer science and a minor's an associate's degree in electrical engineering.

My electrical engineering associates degree is actually coming from a community college in my area and
I do live in Texas if you couldn't tell by my accent so I hope that doesn't bother you too much but I'll try not to make it sound too Texan when I'm recording.
My background in programming involves a heavy use and heavy practice of C plus plus I've taken many semesters in C plus plus at my university. I have actually taken three semesters in C++ though and I've taken a semester in matlab and engineering programming language and I currently on the side programming Java for Android application development.

I've actually developed my own angel in applications for the Google Play store so that me and said That's enough about me let's go ahead and look at what we're going to be learning for this course. So if you look on screen I've kind of listed everything that we will be for sure going over in this class.

But just remember that the class is not limited to the syllabus so there's going to be things in between these concepts right here that we will be going over you know. So everything you see on screen is is not everything that you will learn.

You will actually learn much more than just everything you see here.
So you know if if you're a complete beginner in programming I would say that this course is definitely
the perfect course for you. Because I'm not going to start with just the C++ principles I'm going to actually introduce the basic programming principles in general.

To start the course off so if you don't know anything about data types of variables we're actually going to cover that right at the beginning of the course and then we're going to move on to how to use these programming concepts in C++ and develop our own useful applications.

And when I say useful you know the Course is called Practical C++ programming and that's because I think C++ is a much funnier language to learn when you're using it in practical situations.

So that's exactly what we're going to do.
We're going to develop a small business application.

A simple calculator app and then at the very end of the course for our final project we're going to develop a hangman game that you can show all your friends and hopefully if I get enough students for this course and enough people leave good reviews and tell me that they they want to see in advance of course then that's that's what we're going to do.

I'm actually going to make an advance C++ course after this we're going to object to wearing the design and everything like that.

So stay tuned for this series.

And I'm glad you're part of the course.

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