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MULTI-VARIABLE SYSTEMS-GMAT Quantitative Algebra Workshop | Lecture 12

GMAT Comprehensive Math Refresher GMAT Geometry Course

GMAT Geometry CourseMULTI-VARIABLE SYSTEMS- Lecture # 12

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GMAT Comprehensive Math Refresher Geometry Course:
This course is 1:30 hrs. long and covered almost all topics from basics to expert level. If you want to get good marks in GMAT Exam, then it is obviously for you. You have to just watch and Practice with the instructor. Hopefully it will be provide an excellent opportunity to achieve your target score.

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We will cover the following topics in this GMAT Geometry series: 1. Introduction to Geometry & Lines and Angles 2. Triangles 3. Right Triangles
7. Solids
9. inequalities
and much more......
Hope you like this video :)

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