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ADC - I Functional English Syllabus IUB

ADC-I  Business Fundamentals & Structures Syllabus
ADC-I  Business Fundamentals & Structures Syllabus

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The Islamia University of Bahawalpur

Course Outlines

Associated Degree in Commerce (Specialization in Accounting & Finance)




Course Name

Functional English

Course Code

ADC 01104

Credit Hours



For the acquisition of English as second language learners, students should be able to have the ability of utilizing best their four skills i.e. listening, reading, writing and speaking. 

Follow Up

Objectives to achieve

·         To develop an impressive expression in the written and oral communication of the students which will make them able to compose various expressions in a precise and concrete manner with the help of impressive word bank to meet the challenges of competitive environment confidently.

·         To make the students able to improve their language expression according to the international standards

Teaching Strategies


  1. Lectures
  2. Handouts
  3. Group discussions
  4. Class-room presentations
  5. Projects and term paper
  6. Quizzes

Assessment Criteria


 (Assessment by respective College)

Final Examination

(Assessment by the Islamia University of Bahawalpur)

40 %

60 %

Quizzes and Tests, Assignment and Presentations, Viva, Attendance, Class Participations and discipline etc.

Written Paper

Written Paper


Weekly Lecture Plan/Syllabus





Sentence Structure

Students will know about the basic sentence structure including subject, Predicate, Complement


Noun + Pronoun

The detailed classification of Noun and Pronoun with examples and their identification in continuous writing


Verb + Adverbs

The three form of verb and its classification as Transitive and Intransitive Verbs

The Types of adverb and how are they used in every day life


Articles + Adjectives

The difference and need of appropriate articles and types of adjectives


The participle + the gerunds + the auxiliary + Pairs of Words

The details relevant to the topic and their practice in continuous writing


Punctuation + Pair of words

For the correct usage of formal writing by making the meanings clear and to improve vocabulary



To develop the understanding of questions and selecting their appropriate and accurate answers according to the need


Sentences based on Function and Structure

The further types with the description of Phrases and Clauses and their further classification is included


The Tenses

To provide the students proper structure of English grammar to improve their oral and written English.


Active and passive voice + Prepositions

Different types of sentences according to different situations


Direct and Indirect narration + Prepositions

It develops a co-ordination between writing and oral communication.


Synonyms + Antonyms + one word substitution

Students will add up new words in their word bank.


Idiomatic phrases 

To give pithy expression to their writings.


Précis writing

How to analyse and synthesise words.


Essay writing

To give expression to their thoughts and convert it in to words. Practice is required


Revision + exercises

To resolve the queries of the students.


Primary Recommended Book

Functional English for B.Com (I.T) By Prof. A.R.Chohan

High School English Grammar By Wren & Martin

Additional Books

1.      Atta-ur-Rehman, Functional English, Furrkh & Brothers, Lahore

2.      J. Chilver , English for Business A Functional Approach, DP Publication Limited.

3.      Michael Swan, Practical English Usage, Oxford University Press.

4.      A.J. Thomson & A.V. Martinet, A Practical English Grammar.

5.      Robert E. Barry, Basic Business English, Prentice Hall Inc. Englewood Cliffs New Jerssy.



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