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ADC-I Islamic and Pakistan studies Syllabus

ADC-I  Islamic and Pakistan studies  Syllabus
ADC-I  Business Fundamentals & Structures Syllabus
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The Islamia University of Bahawalpur

Course Outlines

Associated Degree in Commerce (Specialization in Accounting & Finance)




Course Name

Islamic and Pakistan studies

Course Code

ADC 01105

Credit Hours



If any required :To enable the Students getting clear  Knowledge of  Islam and Movement and History of Pakistan

Follow Up

If any required: Assignments,visiting libraries and historical places

Objectives to achieve

·         Provide affordable skills-based education

·         Ensure quality of education

·         Focus on professional development

·         Provide education  that has high employment value

Teaching Strategies


  1. Lectures
  2. Handouts
  3. Group discussions
  4. Class-room presentations
  5. Projects and term paper
  6. Quizzes

vii. Case study, reading assignment

Assessment Criteria


 (Assessment by respective College)

Final Examination

(Assessment by the Islamia University of Bahawalpur)

40 %

60 %

Quizzes and Tests, Assignment and Presentations, Viva, Attendance, Class Participation, and discipline, etc.

Written Paper

Written Paper


Islaymat Syllabus

ADC Islamic Studies Syllabus

Pak Studies

·         Pakistan Movement: (i) Historical and Ideological Perspective

·         Muslim Revivalist Movements in India the Two-Nation Theory:

·         From Sir Syed Ahmed Khan to AllamaIqbal

·         Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and the Struggle for Pakistan.

·         Creation of Pakistan Early Challenges

·         Land and People of Pakistan

·         Physical features and Geo-Strategic Location of Pakistan

·         Culture and Traditions: Regional Dimensions

·         History and Politics in Pakistan (1947-2008) Early Parliamentary Phase

·         Ayub and Yahya’s Era

·         Democratic Era (1971-1977) Separation of Eastern Pakistan – Causes

·         Zia Era (1977-88) Afghan Jihad

·         Contemporary Pakistan

·         The Constitution 1956,The Constitution 1962,The Constitution of 1973: Salient Features

·         Foreign Policy and Relations with Neighboring Countries

o   India(Particularly Kashmir Issue) and Afghanistan

o   China

o   Iran

·         Salient Features of

o   Economy,

o   Agriculture and Industry,

o   National Resources


Primary Recommended Book

1)Quran waHadeesaurSiratwaTahzeeb by: Dr Muhammad AkramSajid

2)Pakistan Studies by: Dr Muhammad AkramSajid

Additional Books

Source Books on Islam and Pakistan Studies (Quran, Hades and basic books on Pakistan Affairs)


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