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ADC-II Business Communication and Report Writing Syllabus - ADC IUB Syllabus

ADC-II  Business Communication and Report Writing Syllabus
Business Communication and Report Writing Syllabus - ADC IUB Syllabus

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The Islamia University of Bahawalpur

Course Outlines

Associated Degree in Commerce (Specialization in Accounting & Finance)



Course Name

Business Communication and Report Writing

Course Code

ADC 01204

Credit Hours



The course requires the basic knowledge of working with others and of the skills that a person possesses while fulfilling the organizational obligations.

Follow Up

If any required

Objectives to achieve

·         To make the students able to compose different types of Business messages effectively according to the need of time

·         Develop writing skills to convey a credible message

·         Compose concise messages using a structured writing process

·         Adapt your writing to your audience's needs

·         Fine-tune language to improve persuasiveness and impact

·         Enhance email communication by creating clear messages

Teaching Strategies


  1. Lectures
  2. Handouts
  3. Group discussions
  4. Class-room presentations
  5. Projects and term paper
  6. Quizzes

vii. Case study, reading assignment

Assessment Criteria


 (Assessment by respective College)

Final Examination

(Assessment by the Islamia University of Bahawalpur)

40 %

60 %

Quizzes and Tests, Assignment and Presentations, Viva, Attendance, Class Participation and discipline etc.

Written Paper

Written Paper


Weekly Lecture Plan/Syllabus





Why Good Business Writing Matters.

        i.            Students will learn about the key benefits of communication for business.

     ii.            They will also learn different strategies to increase business effectiveness.

   iii.            Identifying key communication problems and the ways to improve them will be a part of this week’s learning.


Supporting Business Objectives


i.                   The students will learn to enhance the benefits to the writer

ii.                 Highlighting business objectives will help to enhance the professional image

iii.              Effective writing will help improving career choice



The Business Writing Process

        i.            Students will learn to break writing down into a clear process

     ii.            Students will learn scheduling tasks for completion


Planning for Your Audience


       i.            Students will learn to adapt their messages to audience needs.

     ii.            Students will learn to contextualize their writing according to the requirement.

    iii.            Students will learn strategies to eliminate barriers between sender and receiver.


Leveraging different communication styles

        i. Learners will learn to decipher clues to style preferences

        ii. They will also learn to respond and relate well to their readers



Structuring Your Documents

       i.            Learners will identify the macrostructure of business documents

     ii.            They will handle the business document paradox

   iii.            They will also learn to classify different types of business documents


Developing the micro structure template


        i. Students will learn to recognize key topics

        ii. They will learn to structure raw material

   iii. They will also learn to organize information to highlight gaps


Writing Reports that Address Business Problems


i.                   Recognizing the business impact

        ii.  Defining the criteria for a quality business document

        iii. Identifying the business impact of the problem

        iv. Demonstrating the value of confronting the situation


Recommending solutions


i.        Conducting effective research

ii.     Applying decision-making criteria

iii.   Tying your recommendation to the organization's mission


Highlighting Benefits to Your Readers

i.                   Facilitating your readers' understanding

ii.     Managing paragraphs using topic sentences

iii.   Incorporating your readers' words

iv.   Avoiding synonyms


Ordering your information

        i.            Writing effective headings

     ii.            Reducing inferential load

   iii.            -Structuring sentences to signal benefits


Writing to Persuade Your Readers


i.                   Honing your writing to improve persuasiveness

          ii. Tying your writing to the decision-making process

          iii. Making credible claims

          iv. Avoiding oversimplification

          v. Influencing your audience to value your ideas

        vi. Creating an effective Executive Summary


Presenting information

        i. Improving bulleted lists by showing words in tables

        ii. Highlighting alternatives to aid rapid decision-making

        iii. Prioritizing business solutions

        iv Countering opposition


Saying What You Mean in E-mail


1.     Writing clearly

                            -Prioritizing your subject

                            -Optimizing word choice

                            -Differentiating between active vs. passive voice

                            -Eliminating pronouns and modifiers

2.     Writing concisely

                            -Choosing a style appropriate for the audience and context

                            -Revising to heighten the impact

3.     A professional approach to e-mail

                            -Respecting readers' time, interest, and ability to focus

                            -Extinguishing flame wars

-Crafting relevant subject lines


Revision of Key Concepts



Quizzes and Test Assignment



Primary Recommended Book

  • Effective Business Communication By Murphy 2007
  • Interpersonal Skills and Organizations  By Suzanne


Additional Books

  1. Business Communication Books
  2. HEC Commerce and Business Journals
  3. International Journals for the Latest updates

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